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Thai Lessons - Learn to speak Thai

Learning some Thai is very useful during your visit to Thailand. The more language you learn, the more you understand Thailand's culture and people.
It will definitely make your stay more enjoyable.

Listed below are some Thai words and phrases witch will be useful during your stay in Thailand.
To speak politely, you may end your phrases or sentences with "krup" (if you are a man) or "kha" (for a woman). It is also the common way to answer "yes" to a question or show agreement. To address others, "khun" is the best word for "you", and when you address yourself (I/me), use "phom" (for a man) and "di-chan"(for a woman).



Greetings/Hello Sawadee(krup/kha)
How are you ? Khun sabai dee mai?
I'm fine,Thankyou Sabaidee,kop khun
And you? Laew khun la?
What is your name? Khun cher arai ?
My name is........ Pom/Di-chan cher.......
Pleased to meet you. Yin dee tee dai roo jak
Do you speak English? Khun phood pha-sah angrit dai mai?
I can't speak Thai. Phood pha-sah thai mai dai
I can speak a little Thai. Phood pha-sah thai dai nit noi
Could you speak slower please? Khun ga-ru-nah phood chah-chah noi dai mai?
Could you repeat Thai please? Khun ga-ru-nah phood eek tee dai mai?
Could you write it down please? Khun ga-ru-nah kian hai doo noi dai mai?
Sorry, I don't understand. Kor toht mai kao jai
Do you understand? Khun kao jai mai?
I understand Phom/Di-chan Kao jai
Where you come from? Khun maa jaak tee nai?
I come from............ Phom/di-chan maa jaak.....
Glad Dee-jai
Excuse me/sorry Khor thot
I'm sorry Sia jai
Good luck Khor hai chok dee
Very good Dee mak
Yes Chai
No Mai chai
Please Ga-ru-na
Thank you Khop khun
You're welcome Mai pen rai
See you later Jer gan mai
Good-bye La gon




You Khun
I/me Phom(for a man)
Di-chan(for a woman)
We/us Rao
He/him/she/her/they/them Kao
It man
Woman Phu ying
Man Phu chai
What? Arai
Who? Khair
Why? Tham mai
Where? Tee nai
When? Meua-rai
Which? An-nai
How? Yang rai
How much/many? thao rai?
I don't like Phom mai chop(for a man)
Di-chan mai chop(for a woman)
I would like to........ Phom yak cha.....(for a man)
Di-chan yak cha....(for a woman)
How do I get to......? Phom cha pai ....yang rai?(for a man)
Di-chan cha pai....yang rai?(for a woman)
Where is/are.......... tee nai?
I want to go............ Phom/Di-chan ja bai.........
Which way? Bai tang nai?
Is it far? Glai mai?
Yes,it is far Glai
No,it isn't far Mai glai
Do you have.........? Khun mii.............mai?
What is this? Nii khu a-rai?
What do you call this in Thai? Pha sah thai riak ni wa a-rai?
What does that mean? Nan bplae wa a-rai?




How much is this? Ra ka thao rai?
How many baht? Kee baat?
Too expensive Paeng gurn pai
Any discount? Lot ra ka noi dai mai
What's your lowest price? Ra ka tum sut thao rai?
How about............baht? ...........baat dai mai?
I won't give more than......baht. Hai mai koen.......baat
I don't have much money Mai mee ngoen thao rai
For get my money Leum ow ngoen ma
Can I see that? Khor doo dai mai?
I'm just looking Khor doo thao nun
Do you have something bigger? Mee yai gwar mai?
Do you have something smaller? Mee lek gwar mai?
Do you have another colour? Mee see eun mai?
Do you have any more? Mee ek mai?
I'd like to see another style Khor doo ek baep nueng
I want more Ow-ek
Enought Phaw
Per fruit Luuk-la
Per piece Chin-la
Three pieces Sam chin
Per metre Met-la
Both Thang   song
How much altogether? Thang mot thao rai?
Where do I pay? Jai ngoen tee nai?
I will come back later Ja ma mai



Please bring(a/the)......... Khaw.............
Menu      Meh-nuu
Do you have..........? Mee.........mai?
What do you have that's special? Khun mee a-rai phi-set mai?
Beef Nuea
Chicken Kai
Fish Pla
Pork Moo
Shrimp Koong
Seafood A-harn tha-leh
Rice Khao
Vegetables Phak
Sweet Waan
Sour Briaw
Spicy, hot(of food) Phet
Can you eat spicy food? Tan phet dai mai? dai for yes,
mai dai for no and dai nit noi for a little
Is it spicy? Phet mai
I don't want spicy Mai ow phet
I want it a little spicy Ow phet nit deow
I like spicy food Chop ar-harn phet
Is it delicious? Ar-roid mai?
Delicious Ar-roid
Not Delicious Mai ar-roid
Tom-Yum-koong Is a popular Thai food
Pad-Thai Is another popular Thai food
Som-Tum Green papaya salad




Airport Sa-nam bin
Train Station Sa-thanee rot fai
Police Station Sa-thanee tam ruat
Bank Tana-kan
Hospital Rong paya-ban
Hotel Rong ram
Restaurant Raan ar-harn
Embassy Sa-tan toot
Turn right Leow kwar
Turn left Leow sai
Go straight trong  pai
Slow down Cha-cha
Where can I get a taxi(tuk- tuk)? Phom/Di-chan ja riak tairk-see (tuk-tuk)dai tee nai?
How much to.......? Pai.......tao rai?
That's (a bit) too expensive Pairng pai (noi)
How about 50 (baht)? Har sib baht dai mai
O.K. Dtok long
No Mai dai
I'll settle for 70 baht Kit jed sib baht gor lair-o gun
Drive slowly please Ka-ru-na  khap rot cha-cha noi
I'm hungry Hiw
Eat food Tan ar-harn
Eat rice Tan kaow
I'm full Im laew
I'm thirsty Hiw nam
Drinking water Nam deum
Juice Nam phon-la-mai


1 Neung 11 Sib -et 21 Yee-sib-et
2 Sawng 12 Sib-sawng 22 Yee-sib-sawng
3 Saam 13 Sib-saam 23 Yee-sib-saam
4 See 14 Sib-see 24 Yee-sib-see
5 Haa 15 Sib-haa 25 Yee-sib-haa
6 Hok 16 Sib-hok 26 Yee-sib-hok
7 Jed 17 Sib-jed 27 Yee-sib-jed
8 Paet 18 Sib-paet 28 Yee-sib-paet
9 Gao 19 Sib-gao 29 Yee-sib-gao
10 Sib 20 Yee-sib 30 Saam-sib
40 See-sib 50 Haa-sib 60 Hok-sib
70 Jed-sib 80 Paet-sib 90 Gao-sib
100 Neung-roi 1000 Neung-pun 10000 Neung-muen


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