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Trang Islands Travel Information

Trang Province is a new destination in Southern Thailand, an alternative to the world-wide well-known more busy and crowded tourist-centres like Phuket, Krabi and Koh Lanta. In order to 'spread' tourism to the South of Thailand, the T.A.T.(Tourism Authority of Thailand) promoted Trang all over the world.

Trang is gifted with vaste jungles full of waterfalls, caves National Parks with Botanical gardens, even Sakai-hilltribes belonging to the Mani-people can be found deep in the mountains. 
Sea-canoeing Tours, Trekkings, Elephant-riding and White-water rafting are organized out of Trang Town.

All along the Trang-coast there are over 50 islands, on 5 of them there is accommodation, from simple huts up to more luxury resorts : Koh Hai, Koh Kradan, Koh Libong, Koh Muk and Koh Sukorn.

Beautiful other islands like Koh Takieng, Koh Rock, Koh LaoLieng, Koh Petra, Hin Daeng, Koh Mah and Koh Cheuck etc. are visited for their fantasy-full shaped cliffs and nice beaches above the clear waters and abundant colorful fish and corals under water. The highlight is Tham Marrakhot, the 'Emerald Cave' , a 80 meters long tunnel leads to a hidden 'emerald' lagoon.

Island Hopping Tours by chartered Longtail-boats are getting more and more popular in Trang. No hurry, no time-schedules, visit the 'hidden' places in the Trang Sea. 

Fishing, relaxing sunbathing, BBQ pick-nicks, stay over-night in the different resorts and bungalows. The many islands are near to each other, but nevertheless very different in culture, vegetation and population.

Trang Town is the provincial capital, a lovely little city with many guesthouses and hotels, from budget to 5*.

Trang people are friendly and easy going. The Town won several prices being the cleanest in Thailand! Big city-parks with restaurants are frequented to rest, relax and for jogging.

The first ever rubber tree in Thailand was planted in Trang some 100 years ago, which explains its relatively high standard of living and being well developed. Trang people like to go out and visit their comfortable restaurants and the delicious night-market. Local specialties are the Dim-Sum Breakfast, Kopi (=Trang coffee) and many different pork-dishes.

Every September/October there is Trang's Vegetarian Festival with colorful street-parades, fairs and Temple-celebrations.

Famous already is the yearly "Underwater Wedding Ceremony" in the bleu waters of the Trang Sea. (February/March, in 2001: 175 couples).

Trang's natural attractions

Tham Lae (=Sea cave), a huge cave with many different rooms, partly visited by small flat boats.

Tham Kao Chang Hai (=Lost Elephant cave), near Trang Town in Nayong district.

Khaochong National Park, on the way to Patthalung, 20 kms out of Trang with a Botanical Garden, waterfalls, visitor-center.

Waterfalls as Ton Te, Sairung, Kao Lack and many more are easy to reach by motor-bikes. Tours are organized out of Trang Town by the local travel-agencies.

Hat Chao Mai National Park , some 45 kms out of Trang, at the coast with its lime-stone rocks and nice landscape.

The islands - where to stay

Koh Hai
, with 3 resorts, no villages, white-sand beaches, corals, good starting-point for boat-trips.

Koh Muk
, 2/3 resorts, Muslim-village, best beach is Hat Farang. Most famous is the Emerald Cave.

Koh Kradan
, 1 resort, no villages, far into the sea, the dream-bounty island in crystal bleu waters.
Koh Libong, 1 resort, 1 Muslim village, Trang's biggest island. National Park with bird-sanctionary.

Koh Sukorn, 2 resorts, 4 fishermen-villages, explore country-side, far from the crowds, out of the Trang tourist-centre. Starting-point for boat-trips to Mu Koh Petra National Park-islands. Few cars on this island, (mountain-)bike-tours.

How to go to Trang

By Train
Daily 2 departures from Bangkok by (sleeper-)trains.
From Bangkok : 
1. Rapid train Number 167, leaving from Bangkok for Kantang at 18.20
2. Express train number 83, leaving from Bangkok for Trang at 17.05

From Trang :
1. Rapid train number 168, leaving from Kantang for Bangkok at 13.10
2. Express train number 84, leaving from Trang for Bangkok at 17.10
Tel. (02) 224-7788, 223-3762 or 225-0300 for ticket.

By Bus
The Transportation Company Limited provides daily services both of non and air-conditioned buses, leaving from the Southern Bus Terminal on Borom Ratchonnani Road in Bangkok.

Further information can be acquired by calling 435-1200, 435-1199. 
There is also a province bus company, Sap Paisan Tour. Tel. (02)435-5017 (Bangkok), that offers regular services.

By Plain
Thai International Airways offers daily flights from Bangkok, Phuket, Hat Yai to Trang . 
Reservations can be made at Tel. 280-0060, 628-2000 and Trang (075) 218-066.

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