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Nightlife in Thailand

The main hot spots for Thailand nightlife are Bangkok's Patpong, Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, all the mentioned places are easily accessible by the elevated train or rather BTS skytrain and subway, actually they are just beside the train stations. Plus on the east side of the Gulf of Thailand its Pattaya and further down Koh Chang. On the south west side its Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Phuket, and Krabi.

There are other places to have some nightlife but they are not at the scale as the nightlife of Thailand spots mentioned above. In northern Thailand's its Chiang Mai, but not only. Substantial nightlife in Thailand north is also be found in Phitsanulok, Loei plus many other Thai cities, similar is Myanmar nightlife.

Thailand is rightly famous for its nightlife. Nightlife in Thailand is one of the popular attractions in the country. The nightlife in Thailand has some of the best clubs that play live music. The bars and pubs also open till late in the night and have become a hangout for all the age groups. Here it would be also time to listen to music by entertainers. The country also has world-class shows (cabaret, etc.) and the world�s top performing artists.

Thailand is renown for its nightlife and one of the best things about going out in Thailand is that there are usually lots of different scenes to choose from. While there are lots of trendy discos and high-end nightclubs in tourist-heavy spots, there are also local clubs and watering holes everywhere.

Thailand is a relaxed country full of friendly people who believe "sanook" (fun) is an important part of life, so it's no surprise that when you do go out you'll find people going all out. It's also a country where people aren't afraid to put down a few drinks, usually in the form of local Thai beers or whiskey.

Bangkok also boasts of many late evening drinks canters and some of the best being located in the hotels. Here one can relax and also enjoy the live music. The clubs in Thailand also open till early in the morning thus offering a vibrant nightlife.

Closing Times and Drinking Ages
In Thailand most bars and clubs must close by 1 a.m. This rule is generally enforced throughout Bangkok, especially in very popular, populated areas. RCA stays open till 2 a.m. (since it's just an entertainment district and there are no homes in the immediate area). There are always after hours bars and clubs, though the locations change frequently. In other parts of the country the 1 a.m. rule is not always strictly enforced.

You must be at least 20 years old to enter a bar or nightclub in Thailand. In some areas of Bangkok, including RCA and many high-end clubs, this rule is strictly enforced and you'll be asked to show your passport before you can enter. Other parts of the capital, and the country, are much more lax with this rule. In fact, you'll often see signs at bars and clubs on Khao San Road in Bangkok that specifically say -- "we don't check ID."

Although not every bar and nightclub in Thailand has strippers and so-called "bar girls" pouring drinks and entertaining patrons, the practice is very widespread and unless you walk around with blinders on you're not going to be able to avoid it completely.

In Bangkok the following neighborhoods are well-known red light districts - Nana, Patpong and Soi Cowboy. Pattaya's Walking Street and Phuket's Soi Bangla are also well-known. It's not that every single bar or club in these areas will be a girlie bar (with the exception of Soi Cowboy), it's that you won't be able to avoid having it in your face even if you do find a normal bar in the neighborhood.

Go-go-bars are very popular among tourists who are willing to have fun. There you can enjoy the dancing of Thai beauties, choose one or some of them to your taste. After the dance girls come down the hall, you can get acquainted with them better and to determine future plans.

You can also choose girls from the set of possible candidates in massage parlors. For 1000 baht Asian beauty will spill you with oil, make an erotic massage, as well as provide a range of sex services depending on the wishes. Of course, the services of such shops do not have anything to do with the real Thai massage. It can be obtained only at the institute of massage and massage pavilion. Sometimes tourists are simply confused and find themselves in a very spicy situation.

Sex shows are very popular among tourists. Usually they are on the second floors of strip bars or in small dark rooms like a concert. In the programs girls demonstrate various skills in the sphere of circus, virtuoso performance of sexual tricks. On live sex shows you can see the extraordinary possibilities of Asian women, who use as a tool the basic physiological differences of female bodies. There is no clear scenario in such programs, but they have a lot of exotic sex tricks, affecting even the wildest fantasies.

If you liked the girl, you can not only have fun with her, but also take her for the whole vacation. Thai beauty will become maid, servant, guide and lover in one person. You can send her to the market; she will wash the dishes, tell you about the sights and meet all other requests.

For people who are interested in sex exotic, there are shows of transvestites in Thailand. These programs have great dance performance, interesting musical accompaniment and beautiful costumes. It�s important to note it is not so difficult to come across transvestites in Thailand. The fifth part of all Thai courtesans is on their account. The appearance of transvestites causes no complaints and suspicions, so the chance to gain sex experience with trans is very large.

Sex industry in Thailand is set for public service. Each prostitute has an ID-card, on which her personal number and other data are written. Entering the hotel, the girl must hand the card to the guard who will overwrite all the information. ID-cards were introduced after cases of theft, because Europeans have difficulties in describing Asian beauties.

If you dream of relaxing body and soul, to plunge into the atmosphere of debauchery and indulgence, Thailand is waiting for you!
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