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Top Beaches in Thailand


Railay Beach Krabi

has probably the best natural coast scenery on this planet, along the coast and out on the 132 islands.
One of the highlight of this great panoramas is Railay Beach at Phra Nang Bay on Railay peninsula. Its also called Ao Nang Beach.

Railay Beach KrabiEasy to access when you come on the road from Phuket and Phang Nga. Just drive straight at the intersection where the road to Trang turns left, after a few minutes you will see the road sign pointing to the right towards Phra Nang or Ao Phra Nang, its all the same.

To reach Phra Nang and Railay Beach its sometimes a little confusing since the different road signs for Phra Nang and Railay Beach are pointing in different directions when you drive along the road.

Railay is a marvelous bay beach with plenty of beach accommodation, there are no beach villa or a beach village but some discount and budget hotels. At the Island off Railay beach are also some low priced hotels and beach resorts. The luxury hotels at Railay, Ao Nang and Krabi in general are mostly north of Railay beach.

If you come with the ferry from Phi Phi Islands you will end up directly at Phra Nang Bay since the ferry stop at this great Thailand beach.

Railay beach is not accessible by road as it is surrounded by limestone cliffs, just take a long tail boat at the waterfront where the road end, its about 200 - 300 baht for a roundtrip.

The boatman will show you Railay Beach west and Railay Beach east, if you want to stop at one the sandy beaches just tell, its a real beautiful tropical beach environment with lush green scenery and warm emerald colored waters.

You could do snorkeling, and swimming and watch the great sunsets over the Andaman Sea. Off Railay Beach are several island with towering limestone cliffs and attractive white sands. Its notable "chicken island" the name is because the limestone formation on the island looks like a gigantic chicken.

Chicken island is just the right spot for a afternoon tour out of Phra Nang and Railay Beach. Take your snorkeling gear with and say hello to the fish and corals, real great colors.

At Railay Beach east and west are plenty of Railay Beach Hotels and Resorts, like Railay beach resort,Railay Beach Krabi Railay bay resort, Railay beach club and plenty of other Krabi accommodations near the beach.

The limestone formations are real spectacular and a great place for rock climbing, it got Krabi and the Railay Beach area a top reputation for rock climbing.

The right place for your Railay vacation or holiday or just a Railay day trip. It's worth it since Railay beach Thailand at Phra Nang Bay has a marvelous beach scenery as you can see in this Railay photos and pictures here.

Ton Sai is the top climbing spot in the area, more climbing spots are in secluded areas. Check with the climbing gear shops if you want. Krabi Rock climbing is mainly around Railay Beach east, justaround the peninsular when start at Phra Nang Bay.

Railay Beach is a real unique coastal area, a crescent shaped coastline cut off from the other beach at the north by a huge limestone formation extending into the Krabi sea.

To reach Railay Beach take a boat at Phra Nang and just let the boat guy move along Railay beach west, all the way around the cap beach to Railay beach east. If you like it just drop off and stay in one of the the Railay resorts, bungalows, cottages, hotels or other accommodation.

The Ao Nang Beach area is also Krabi's primary nightlife spot but no discos and no hanky panky glitter night business like in Phuket.

Krabi and Railay Beach at Phra Nang Bay is a more family oriented quiet atmosphere.

The surrealistic limestone formations directly at Railay Beach is something real unique, there is no other beach worldwide with such a background.

Railay Beach KrabiRailay Beach Krabi at Ao Nang Bay has several good hotels and beach resorts but there is no nightlife around.

Actually the whole area at Ao Phra Nang is rather a nature lover and family oriented tourist destination, very popular among Scandinavians.

Beside of Ao Nang ?s prime attraction, Railay Beach, a variety of sport activities are offered, the most famous is probably Krabi rock climbing at Railay Beach West and Railay East, Railay East is behind the peninsular easily accessible with a long tail boat to be rent right on the beach.

At Railay you can have a real quiet pleasure vacation with beach life, sun, beach resort, massage, spa and excellent Thai food. At the ?hinterland? is a national with nature beauty, lush tropical jungle waterfalls and hill trekking. Scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling and exploring the limestone islands off Railay Beach could be done. Very close is Chicken Island with a great white sandy beach and the fossil beach south of Railay Beach with millions of shells with all kind of shell handicrafts

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